Two configurations.
Each with oodles of features.

Without further ado, we proudly present your options. This chart doubles as the most complete feature list you'll find. Read closely and enjoy.

  Powerhouse Superstore
Store software constantly worked on and upgraded for you absolutely free
Every Herbalife® product in your store catalog
Recommendations for +150 diseases and conditions
Easy shopping cart that remembers contents
Shipping auto-calculated based on total weight and Speed Services rates
Search engine for products and common problems
Detailed write-up on each and every product
Contact form delivering messages to your email
Address book containing all of your shoppers
Order history logs for manager and shoppers
Largely automated invoicing system
Email alerts when new orders are received
Payments accepted via Bank Deposit into your personal account
Credit card payments accepted directly into your own PayPal account with low transaction fees.
All pages optimized for best search engine ranking
Unlimited support on running your store provided via phone, email and instant messaging  
Optionally run health-related adverts in your store for extra revenue  
Get SMS alerts on new orders because customers expect instant service, and will reward you  
Bulk email messages to all of your shoppers (recommended max once per week)  
Health quiz to generate personalised product suggestions; a proven sales booster  
Your choice of .com .net .org .info .biz or domain (value: $35.00 per year)  
Easily possible to cover your entire store lease with just one sale
Web site and database hosting bundled with lease (value: $30.00 per month)
Select your country 
Monthly store lease $57.00 $45.00
Quarterly store lease (save 21 bucks) $150.00 $120.00
6-month store lease (save 72 bucks) $270.00 $240.00
Annual store lease (save 184 bucks) $500.00 $450.00


How many sales would it take
for your store to have paid for itself?

One? Two? Very few? With Herbalife's incredible profit margins, you know it's a snap. Got some last-minute questions? Contact us for quick answers. Otherwise, you might as well have your store up and running before breakfast tomorrow! Choose a package and subscription period from the table above, then click below.

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